Tour Schedule

October 31-November 2 – Oslo, Norway

David will give two 3 hour long talks during Elevate, the biggest 3-day Business & Lifestyle event in Scandinavia.
He shares the stage with people like Rich Schefren, Janet Bray Attwood and Eric Edmeades.

Strategies to improve your nutrition, natural beauty and overall health.

Time: 31.10.2014 9.00 – 2.11.2014 19.00 (Platinum Dinner 30.10.2014 17.00)
Place: Oslofjord Convention Center, Brunstadveien 77, 3159 Melsomvik, Norway
Gold Tickets: 548 € (Event + 4 hour networking session before and after event)
VIP Tickets: 986 € (Networking session + better seating)
Diamond Tickets: 1277 € (Networking session + even better seating + lunch  all 3 days in Platinum Lounge with speakers)
Platinum Tickets: 1820 €
Platinum tickets include:
Seating in first 2 rows
Exclusive Pre-Dinner with the speakers on Thursday night
Access to Platinum Lounge in all breaks
Dinner all 3 days in Platinum Lounge
Personal Speakers Club membership
Goal Mapping Online – Silver

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November 9 – Helsinki, Finland

Time: 9.11.2014 11.00-19.00 (VIP time 10.00-11.00)
Place: Arcada, Jan-Magnus Janssonin aukio 1 00560, Helsinki, Finland
Tickets: 127 €
VIP-tickets: 197 € includes; front row seats, exclusive time with David at 10-11am, goodie bag and much more.

Hormonal balance – How to get more energy and sustainability?
Superfoods of the New Age – What is on the horizon?
Colors of food and their influence on your health.
Goal setting – Superhero style.
Genetics or Epigenetics, that is the question…
Genius; Born with it or learned?
Questions and Answers
And much, much more…

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November 16 – Amsterdam, Holland

Time: 16.11.2014 10.00-18.00
Place: Amsterdam Borchland, Borchlandweg 6-12, 1099 CT Amsterdam, Holland
Tickets: 73,50 € (with code SG14 until 15.9.2014) After that 147 €

Why do we grow old and what can we do about it?
How can I actually eat healthy?
The essential food groups
Food that are best to avoid
Detox your body
Hormone Health for Men and Women
The dangers of calcification
And much more ….

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November 21&22 – Barcelona, Spain

Time: 21.11.2014 18.00-22.00 – 22.11.2014 – 09.00-18.00
Place: Centro de Convenciones de Badalona BCIN (Polígono Les Guixeres C/ Marcus Porcius, 1, Badalona), Spain
Tickets: 21.11 - 50 € – 22.11 85 € – Both days 120 €


How to balance hormones, longevity, cancer control and cultivate high immunity.
How to discover ways to maintain high vibrations and manifest health and beauty.
The benefits of integrating superfoods, superherbs, living springwater and raw chocolate in your life.

Authentic tools for profound oral health
Repair adrenal, kidney, thyroid & reproductive health
Have The Best Day Ever
Top Soil: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth
Archaea, Minerals, Mushrooms, Soil, Salt, Civilization and Consciousness
Nourishing The Three Treasures: Jing, Chi and Shen
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